I. - Mission Statement:
The mission of REACH, Rush Equipment Assisting Children, is to share love and compassion with marginalized youth in third world countries by providing youth soccer clubs, schools, and villages with soccer uniforms and equipment.  Furthermore, REACH strives to be advocates of community development by enriching the lives of youth through service, soccer, and education.

 II. - Objective:
To collect used soccer equipment from our membership and deliver to target communities in need.

III. - History:
Rush Soccer is the biggest soccer club in the world with over 35,000 registered members.  Over the past few years, Rush has delivered tens of thousands of pieces of equipment to countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, Mexico, United States, Thailand, etc.  We have been featured on CBS, ABC and Good Morning America.  General David Petraeus of the United States Army has personally shared with the Rush the Army’s desire for the REACH program to continue.   General Petraeus values the humanitarian aspect as well as the fact that the negative stigma diminishes when the U.S. troops are viewed as gift givers in conflict territories.

Because we recognize the need is so great, we are enhancing the program.  The Rush registers over 35,000 soccer players of which approximately 12,000 are in the competitive program.  That equates to roughly 6,000 competitive girl soccer players and 6,000 competitive boy soccer players.  Due to Rush’s relationship and history with Nike, competitive soccer players are required to purchase new Kits (two jerseys, two shorts, and two socks) every two years.  This happens every year with the girls purchasing new Kits on odd calendar years and the boys purchasing new Kits on even calendar years.  The objective of REACH is to collect the used Kits throughout the United States and redistribute them to identified communities by providing a $20.00 rebate directly to the player.

V. - Strategy:
A. Establish REACH Volunteer Coordinators in each partner club.
B. Market & Communicate REACH program with membership.
C. Collection of Uniform Kits during the months of June and July. Buses and or semi-trucks map out 24 clubs for arrical, loading and farewell.
D. Home destination location: Colorado
E. The U.S. Army has commited to overseas shipping once equipment has reached Washington D.C.

VI. - Work Force:
A. Community Outreach Manager
B. 24 RVC's
C. 800 Equipment (Team) Managers (est. 30,000 pieces of equipment, enough to provide for 5-7 communities averaging 2,000 community base)
D. U.S. Army, Eurosport, TRIAD
E. Site Directors
F.  Current Locations:
  1. Nkomazi, South Africa - Chuck Miller, Utah Rush
  2. Bamako, Mali, Africa - Dauoda Kanti, Kansas Rush
  3. Akim Oda, Ghana, Africa - Ahmed Agyeman, Iowa Rush
  4. Kenya, Africa - Tanisha White
  5. Port-O-Prince, Haiti - Ron Apollon, Georgia Rush
  6. Baghdad, Iraq - Donna Pettigrew, Colorado Rush
  7. Gambia, Africa - Omar Sise, Georgia Rush
  8. Senegal, Africa - Omar Sise, Georgia Rush
"Eurosport is committed to our partnership with Rush Soccer and will continue to support REACH through the rebate program and assistance in REACH communications to Rush Soccer team managers.  As the REACH program develops, together we will look at additional opportunities for support."
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