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Oct, 2019

Coach Poorya new role at GA Rush - Operations and Communication Manager

Dear Georgia Rush Families,

We are delighted to inform you that Coach Poorya Mortazavi (08G and 06G) will be taking on additional responsibilities as the Manager of Operations and Communications for the Club.  As part of his new role Poorya will be responsible for facilities management, communications and fundraising. Each of these areas are critically important to the club and its future successes.

Operationally, Poorya will be responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of our facilities and fields and supporting processes.  As part of his new role, he is introducing a new GPS-based field lining robot at the end of October that will not only improve the quality of our field lining process but will also save time and use less paint saving money and resources.

Additionally, Poorya will manage club and stakeholder communications moving forward. He is tasked with improving and streamlining our “outbound” communication throughout the club and with our stakeholders (Partners, Sponsors, Vendors, etc.). However, any soccer/technical-related queries should continue to be directed through current communication channels: Coach -> Director of Coaching -> Technical Director.

 Lastly, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities will fall under his leadership. By centralizing this task we intend to increase our efforts in these areas to enable us to better serve our members, provide scholarships and support our community.

 On Friday, 10/11/2019 along with a few parents, the inside of the indoor facility, the fence around the concession stand, one of the bridges and the benches on field 2 were painted. Poorya is planning a club-wide clean-up day and paint day to enhance the facility. Please keep an eye out for emails and sign-ups for that. Please reach out to Poorya with any suggestions/ideas you may have.

 Please join us in congratulating Poorya on his expanded role. If you have any feedback/sponsorship or ideas, please feel free to contact the club at [email protected].

 Thank you and we hope you have a continued successful season.

Kind Regards,

Georgia Rush

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