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Georgia Rush Soccer Club provides our members, and players, with the very best, driven, motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate coaches. Not only can you expect to recieve the highest level coaching on the soccer field but, off the field as well. We believe that it is just as important to develop our players soccer skills, as well as their ability to hand.

Georgia Rush Coaching Directors
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Juan Castellanos - Georgia Rush Technical Director, B2002 Rush, B2008, B2007 head coach
Kevin Sawchak - Georgia Rush Girls Academy and Girl Pre-Academy Director, G2004 Rush RPL and G2003 Rush head coach.
Janny Rivera - Georgia Rush Boys Pre-Academy Director, B2009, B2006, and B2005 Rush head coach
Carlos Barrera - Georgia Rush Goal Keeper Director

Georgia Rush Coaches
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Brian Smith - G2009, G2006, and B2004 Azul head coach
German Rodriguez- B2004 Rush head coach, B2008, B2007 coach
Juan Luis Solorio - B2005 Azul head coach,  B2007, B2010, and Pre-Academy coach
Ionel Felecan - B2000 Rush head coach, B2010 coach
Kyle Hodge - G2008 coach, Mini Kickers coach, Girls Pre-Academy coach
Mitch Garcia - G2005 Rush head coach, G2008 coach
Kamal El-Shami (bio coming soon) - G2003 Azul, G2004 Azul, and G2005 Azul, and G2001 Rush head coach