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Georgia Rush Soccer Club


Victor Rivera

Country and CityMichoacán, Mexico
College/Year of GraduationStudying to graduate .
Coaching ExperienceSeason with Pre-academy boys . And season with Boys 2008 academy
Coaching License/Education
Current TeamsPre-academy boys / 2008 Boys Academy
Playing Experience Played for Georgia rush national select team. Played four years of high school varsity. Played for Georgia rush select team for many years.
What do you ejoy the most about coaching at Rush
I enjoy having the opportunity to giv-e kids the learning experience of the game I have always loved.Showing the different views of game ,and a younger coaching style. Teaching them how to learn and improve in the beautiful game . I always wanted to have the option to see kids improve thanks to my leadership on the field and off. Let the beautiful love of the game , I have can be shown through the kids I can coach