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Georgia Rush Soccer Club


Select Program
Ages 12-18


The hard work demonstrated by players and coaches of our Academy Program allows our players to enter Select Soccer with tools and skills to become champions.

While excellent soccer skills are important, players are not selected based on skill alone. At tryouts, we are looking for the players who have a good positive attitudes and the desire to play at a competitive level. If the player has been involved with our Academy Program we know that this player has all of the pieces to become an outstanding and highly recruited champion. When players come from other training environments we give them the development and attention that is needed to develop through our curriculum of "soccer intelligence". Select play involves a schedule arranged by GYSA and includes travel within the state of Georgia.

At this level, our experienced coaches continue to teach first-class soccer skills, stress physical fitness, and nurture a positive attitude for success - both on and off the field. Our ultimate goal is to create complete players.

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