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Ga Rush/Stars Sports Complex Indoor Soccer Rules

·      Basic FIFA rules apply, unless noted below

·      7v7 format. Five players needed to start.  Less than five results isforfeit

·      Games are two, 24 min halves.  A five minute grace period to start game.  If team still does not have five players, clock starts and one goal per minute will be posted.  
     At the tenth minute, the game will be considered a forfeit.  Teams can play game, but score will go down as 5-0 in standings

·     Two registered guest players from another team are allowed to field a full team, but only up to seven players.  No extra players for subs are allowed, if you borrow players, unless ok’d by the opposing team

·      No pay, no play after the third game

·      Free substitutions on the fly  

·      Out of bounds is a kick-in (ball is in play on kick-in) 

·      Five yard distance from all kick-ins and free kicks.

·      You can score from a kick-in

·      A ball hitting the net does not stop play, unless the ball then enters the goal before touching a player. Restart is a goal kick

·      Keeper cannot punt or dropkick the ball nor can he play a goal-kick over midfield line.  A free-kick at center spot is awarded 

·      ALL free-kicks are direct. Any foul in the penalty box is a PK, except a pass-back, then kick is taken at red dot at top of box

·      Any free-kick awarded in the last minute of play that is not taken, due to game delay tactics by opposing team, will be taken should time expire.  The clock will be set to 10 seconds and the kick taken. Game is officially over once buzzer sounds or referee blows whistle.

·      Yellow card is 2 minute sit out by player, no substitution

·      Red card is an ejection.  Player must leave field, no player replacement

·      Multiple red or yellow cards in a season will be reviewed for possible additional suspension or expulsion

·      Kickoff can go backwards

·      NO SLIDING – PERIOD.  Going down to one knee is considered “sliding”

·      NO SPITTING on field (yellow card offense after first team warning, red after second infraion)

·      NO outdoor cleats allowed – no exceptions.  TURF shoes or sneakers only

    All above rules apply except that games are two, 12 minute halves with 30 sec halftime to change ends and guest player rule does not apply.
    Tie games go straight to PK's.  Best of three, then best of one.

Field Status

Open Open

1A (05:14 PM | 04/19/22)

Closed Closed

Shakerag (07:49 AM | 04/16/22)

Closed Closed

Shak 2A (07:49 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 2 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Indoor (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 1 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 2 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 3 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 4 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 5 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Field 6 (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)

Open Open

Rush Union (10:40 AM | 04/16/22)