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Georgia Rush Soccer Club


Jessin Oueslati
[email protected]

Country and CityGermany, Freiburg (Europe) & Tunisia, Tunis (North Africa)
College/Year of GraduationCollege of Coastal Georgia, graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business Administration
Coaching ExperienceYouth Coach-Freiburger Fussball Club (Germany) 2001-2004, Youth Coach Alitom Fussballschule (Germany) 2004-2006, Intramural Women's Head Coach-Tidewater Community College (VA) 2007-2008, Intramural Men's Head Coach-College of Coastal Georgia (GA) 2010-2011, Academy/Select Coach-Buckhead FC (GA) 2011-2012, Coach/Mentor-Oueslati Sportschule (Int'l) since 2015, Academy/Select Coach-Southern Soccer Association (SSA) (GA) 2012-2018
Coaching License/EducationUSSF "C" License (in-progress); NSCAA National Diploma; USSF "D" License
Current TeamsBoys 2002 Azul & Boys 2001 Rush
Playing Experience Youth Divisions Freiburger Fussball Club (GER), Youth Divisions Sport Club Freiburg (GER); Men's Division Spfr. Oberried (GER), English Non-League Football (UK), Intramural Colleges (US), Men's Leagues & Co-ed (US)
What do you ejoy the most about coaching at RushThe opportunity to share my passion and knowledge to further develop players on and off the field and to create a safe and healthy environment that allows for growth and creativity. The ability to positively impact as many families while preparing our players for their future. Sharing a common vision and providing players with a true pathway from the grassroots all the way to college and/or Pro. The trust and belief in our mission, brand, name, and club to not only call this a home for our players and their families but also coaches and the organization as a whole.